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Tel aviv acquisition gruops "Begin park" project

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Real Estate: a safe investment?


It depends on you! Your knowledge of the ins and outs of the law and local bureaucracy make all the difference. Doing it right promises maximum gain with almost no risk, but making the wrong moves puts risk on the rise and profits on the decline.


Weisman International, an office boasting a team of professionals in the field, does it right. With years of experience, as well as in Weisman International  procedures, choosing and realizing potential of properties, changing the designation of land from agricultural to urban, merging and parcelization of properties, we will secure and maximize your investment's potential.


Weisman International Owned Independent office in Israel, Romania, Australia and the United States. With full transparency to investors, to provide full security investment



Weisman International  is under the management of Mr. Reuven Rogentyski, an experienced realtor with a keen eye for promising opportunities, boasting a background of success in the field, and Mr. Ezriel Weisman, an accomplished businessman who has much practical experience in

real estate.



Weisman International is managed with professionals with proven experience the depths of real estate law, familiar with the process of selecting and implementing smooth, controversial designation of agriculture construction, consolidation and distribution. Everything to insure your investment, yield the maximum when the time comes


Real Estate - a sure investment!



At your service,

Weisman International  


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